VIP Memberships


Do you want to support the server? Do you want to see the sever expand more to the fullest?

Support Us:

Donations can give you a list of perks within our DayZ Server & Discord!

VIP Priority Queue - Want to log in faster? Take the front of the line quicker!
VIP Discord Role - You'll get a nice @VIP Discord Role! Show it off!
VIP Hoodie - You'll log in with a Special VIP Hoodie as a Thank you for your Donation!
VIP Discord Chat - Special Chat for VIP Members Only. Talk Directly with the Staff Team!
Exclusive Access - Get Access to Special Events!

& Much More to come! We appreciate your Contribution to Operation Z Server!

Make sure to open a ticket in Discord and provide your Steam ID64 Code or Steam Profile URL so we can apply the benefits!