What is Operation Z?

Operation Z is a "semi-hardcore" DayZ server which priorities teamwork, base building and PVP.
Unlike many other servers, you must work for your loot, you cannot get "endgame gear" from a single loot run.
Loot is re-balanced constantly to give everyone an equal chance, trader prices are also made in a way that one must earn their way to their fortune.

The Purge is a weekly event in which players are able to remove codelocks on bases by using a hacksaw to saw them off. The Purge will also have increased airdrops, unique time/weather settings & rewards those clever base design.
Alongside The Purge, there are other bi-weekly events which are voted on by the server community in our Discord server.

More info

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  • Non Profit

    All the money raised from donations are put towards servers, adversiting and improving the player experience.

  • Server

    Our server is based in the UK so as many people as possible can have a good connection.

  • Trusted Admins

    All of our admins are vetted, well experienced and all follow a strict code of conduct. Admin abuse is not permitted on Operation Z.

  • Rules

    Our rules are designed to give an equal playing field to as many players as possible, but also to not restrict freedom.

Have any questions?

Join our Discord Server and ask the community or the Admins. Everyone is very helpful.

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